Saturday, September 29, 2018
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Giant Anaconda

Giant Anaconda is a minion with 5 attacks, 3 health, 7 mana cost.

Druid Epic Journey to Un'Goro
Alex Horley Orlandelli

Rat Pack

Rat Pack is a minion with 2 attacks, 2 health, 3 mana cost.

Hunter Epic Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
Ozhill Studio

Shaky Zipgunner

Shaky Zipgunner is a minion with 3 attacks, 3 health, 3 mana cost.

Hunter Common Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
Andrew Hou


Malorne is a minion with 9 attacks, 7 health, 7 mana cost.

Druid Legendary Goblins vs Gnomes
Oliver Chipping

Ancestral Spirit

Ancestral Spirit is a spell with 2 mana cost.

Shaman Rare Classic
Zoltan & Gabor

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